WINT Water Intelligence

WINT’s Water Intelligence solutions are trusted by organizations worldwide to save water, reduce consumption, prevent water leaks and assist businesses achieve sustainability benchmarks. With WINT, commercial and industrial facilities, offices, and apartment buildings, as well as construction sites are all protected against the destructive damage that water can cause, through leaks, broken pipes or malfunctioning water systems. WINT customers gain deep insights into their water use to identify water waste and reduce consumption by 25%. With our commercial water leak detection system, our customers are developing more green buildings and retrofitting technology that saves them hundreds of thousands in utility bills and insurance deductibles. Our water management system uses artificial intelligence and anomaly detection technologies that combine high-resolution metering with advanced data analytics, saving tens of millions of gallons of water yearly, and preventing countless water damage incidents for organizations all over the world. When your priorities are sustainable development of green buildings, cutting down on water waste, and saving on utility and insurance costs, there’s just one water management system out there to choose – WINT water intelligence.


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