International Gas Detectors

International Gas Detectors

International Gas Detectors Ltd (IGD) design, manufacture and distribute a range of gas detection equipment for over 700 gases and vapors, operating for over a century in this field. Their mission is to provide a detectably better gas detection product, service and support.

IGD are well placed in the market, designing and manufacturing fixed gas detection systems even down to the PCB components.

IGD partners with experts in portable gas detection, SENKO and mPower, to provide a complete range of portable gas detection equipment. All designed to help in protecting workers and plants across a wide range of industries from the dangers of hazardous gases within the workplace.

Being the oldest gas detection company in the world has given IGD specialist knowledge to provide a detectably better product, service, and support. You are guaranteed to find an IGD gas detector product approved to all of the necessary standards and certifications to ensure you and your team’s safety on site.

Featured Products

TOC-635 Gas Detection Control Panel
TOC-750 Addressable Gas Detection System
TOC-750 Safe Area Gas Detector