Founded in the early 60’s, SyncroFlo pioneered pre-assembled pumping systems. Today, our installed system base includes some of the largest pumping systems ever built. SyncroFlo was formed as a division of Schaub Engineering, a Chicago-based company that made power plant equipment. Schaub had several divisions, one of which made a pump and another that made flow switches.SyncroFlo was the first company to prepackage pumping systems for domestic water (plumbing) use. There were two other companies that were also promoting packaging of plumbing pumps at that time: Peerless and Chicago Pump. The packages promoted by these companies were what we call “kits,” meaning that the contractor still built them in the field, SyncroFlo, Inc. initiated the concept of assembling these kits prior to shipment to ensure quality performance.

In the early 70’s Schaub decided that it was going to devote all its resources to building equipment for a new kind of power plant, the nuclear power plant. Schaub divested itself of all divisions that didn’t have to do with nuclear power.

Twenty-five years later, SyncroFlo now employs approximately 100 personnel. SyncroFlo began by making plumbing boosters, then municipal was added. In the late 1980’s, SyncroFlo started building packages for HVAC, fire protection, and turf irrigation, and grew into the company that the industry knows today.


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