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Account Executives

Paul McCarver
Paul McCarverPresident & Founder
Glenn Booker
Glenn BookerPartner & VP Business Development
Bryan Thomas
Bryan ThomasPartner & VP Operations
Robert Ray
Robert RayPartner & VP Sales
Nick Delaney
Nick DelaneyPartner & VP Special Projects
Nancy Villalba
Nancy VillalbaContractor Sales
Bob Morales
Bob MoralesContractor Sales

Taylor Blake
Taylor BlakeContractor Sales
Lupe Chavez
Lupe ChavezEngineering Sales

Miguel Rivera
Miguel RiveraEngineering Sales

Steve Cox
Steve CoxOwner/School District Sales
Martin Hogan
Martin HoganOwner/Aftermarket Sales

Project Management Team

David Mack
David Mack
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones
Troy Añora
Troy Añora

Operations Team

Piper Campos
Piper CamposFinancial Controller
Jeni Young
Jeni Young Accounts Payable
Rena Copher
Rena CopherAccounts Receivable
Patrice Sumrow
Patrice SumrowMarketing Manager
Zach Doolittle
Zach DoolittleParts/Aftermarket
Juan Obregon
Juan ObregonLogistics Manager
Ryan Hetzler
Ryan HetzlerLogistics
Todd Ellis
Todd EllisField Solutions Manager
Michelle Moreno
Michelle MorenoField Solutions Coordinator
Wayne Cross
Wayne CrossField Solutions
Chance Craig
Chance CraigField Solutions

Field Solutions Team


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